Seasons Network specialise in a range of support services in the Aged Care, Disability and Out of Home Care sectors.

As a provider in the community services sector, you may receive allegations of abuse and neglect by your clients that are directed at other clients within the support environment or at your employees. Whilst not all allegations of abuse and neglect are legislated, and are reportable to the relevant state governing authority; there is still a requirement for allegations of abuse and neglect to be investigated to ensure your client feels safe in their supported environment.

Some of the services my team at Seasons Network can offer your organization include but are not limited to;

Review of service operational procedures and policies
Abuse and Neglect Training for Support Workers/Managers/Carer’s
Investigating allegations of Abuse and Neglect
Review and reporting of systemic issues within your service
Policy writing regarding Abuse and Neglect
Referrals to Police and relevant governing bodies
Elder Abuse investigations