SEASONS 50+ Lifestyle, Travel & Wellness Expo effectively places your brand before the public as an organisation that cares about our mature aged residents, those entering retirement and those with a disability.

Our expos require the support and commitment from businesses and service providers, to purchase stand space at each of our expos. This allows us to offer a broad range of exhibitors and displays, and an attractive event experiences for both exhibitors and attendees.

Promotion will be undertaken through the following planned activities:

  • Local media campaigns and partnerships
  • An extensive public relations campaign to lift the profile of the event such as casual leasing across multiple locations and engagement with local events and groups;
  • Radio and television advertising across multiple channels in the lead up to the event;
  • Facebook advertising including frequent posting in the weeks leading up to the event as a way to promote the event, confirmed exhibitors and sale of tickets;
  • Print advertising across several niche magazines distributed throughout the region
  • Residential letterbox drop of free expo tickets and flyers across multiple locations
  • Event flyers distributed to key organisations, clients and local businesses
  • Fortnightly EDM to the SEASONS Network email database (2,300 subscribers)
  • Event specific signage and banners positioned at the venue
  • Print and online resources to assist sponsors and exhibitors to promote the event to their clients
  • Promotion via the SEASONS Network website

Wollongong Exhibitor Information Pack

Wollongong Exhibitor Booking Form

Event Attendees 

Our primary target market is the over 50 age group, consisting of baby boomers, seniors, mature aged residents, retirees, disabled persons and their carers.

Baby Boomers represent the fastest growing demographic in Australia. This cohort – the 5.5 million people born between 1946 and 1965 is now at a minimum age of 51 years. This presents a unique opportunity for business, government and service providers to get involved in marketing activities such as expos, to promote and sell information and services directly to this demographic who are eager for information that will enhance their lifestyle.

The secondary target audience we also consider is the influencers of the over 50’s- their families consisting of their adult children and grandchildren, as well as service providers and aged care facilities within the local communities.

We are anticipating around 1,000 attendees at the expo.

Event Exhibitors

In order to provide a well-rounded and enticing event for attendees, we are aiming to engage a variety of local businesses and organisations seeking to attract the over 50’s demographic, and provide opportunities to market their brand.

We have developed a comprehensive sales strategy to secure the appropriate amount and type of exhibitors that maximise the overall event experiences.

Businesses targeted include those within the following categories:

  • Travel
  • Lifestyle & Home
  • Wellness & Health
  • Hobbies & Entertainment
  • Retirement Living & Aged Care
  • Volunteering & Workforce
  • Community Services
  • End of Life (Funeral Services & Palliative Care)
  • Technology
  • Legal & Finance